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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
IMO you don't get this both ways. If we're going to skewer a guy for the bad Flynn contract, you don't then get to say he just "got lucky" on Wilson.

If that's the case, you could argue that he was unlucky with Flynn but Wilson was a genius pick.
Wilson was rated pretty high...and the depth of good QBs in last year's draft was remarkable....I would say they got lucky getting Wilson....and more power to 'em. They drafted well, but there was a sizeable mane group that wanted both Wilson and Turban on the Broncos.

It just looks a little funny that Carroll and Schneider look like schmucks flying to Denver to try to get Peyton to Seattle, while overpaying for Flynn; yet drafting Wilson is more of a score for Schneider than getting Peyton is for Elway?

It's laughable....especially when you consider that Elway traded Tebow for more than he was worth and replaced him with the best QB in the league....but Seattle gets the nod for having a good QB drop to them in a QB loaded draft? Hokay.....
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