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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by DarkHorse30 View Post
I'm not knocking Russell Wilson; I'm just questioning the wisdom of the ESPNdits that reward a GM that keeps whiffing and then accidentally bloops a single.
Wow, so wrong. He whiffed on Manning (how many teams acquired and wanted him? Titans? 49ers? Cardinals? Chiefs? Seahawks?). He hasn't been in Seattle long enough to keep "whiffing". He grabbed Flynn and he sat on the bench because Schnieder didn't hit a single in Wilson. He did his homework and drafted one of the better QBs of this season! That isn't a single in my books but a homerun in the 3rd round (every team had at least 2 chances to get him ... well not the Raiders of course.)

Sounds like sour grapes to me. Elway is still the man.
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