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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
And then of course the liberals who matter like Reid, Pelosi, who say no cuts to entitlements when just a few months ago they were on the table. So to say Liberals want to cut anything is a joke Fed. They want to cut defense and raise taxes. They want to untouch entitlements. Thats why the deal has to be scaled back.

obama will get his increase on the 250 and up crowd, but it wont raise much revenue and will kill charitable contributions from the upper middle class. The super rich probably wont care much.
So, cuts you don't agree with == no cuts huh?


Make you a deal. When you can give me a good reason why we should steal $2.6T in money from people paying into SS/Med all their lives INSTEAD of cutting defense and other discretionary spending, I'll give you a pony.
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