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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Schneider deserves it this year. People said Bruce Irvin was a huge reach, Bobby Wagner didn't get that much credit coming out and we all know how the Russell Wilson situation went down.

Look at the drafts since Schneider stepped in the building. They have hit on several picks on each of their 3 drafts under him.
ok sure, fact is Seattle has made some very questionable moves in the last few years and to Scheider's credit, it seems to be working. However, Elway has had just 2 years to completely turn the Broncos around and he's done it. He's also a fresh faced, brand new GM. He didn't make any fancy or questionable moves outside of dumping Tebow and his team is 12-3. The Manning signing was not a given, not even close. The Broncos were not even considered serious contenders is the Manning sweepstakes when it all began. Elway, to his credit, simple did it better than all the rest.

I can see the point about Schnieder, but then again, I'm not seeing it. Just because the guy scored on a few iffy moves, does not necessarily mean he did a good job. Let's see him do this iffy stuff for a few more years and then see how it all pans out.

I'm still not sold on Pete Carroll.
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