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Ty Lawson

Originally Posted by DarkHorse30 View Post
Didn't Schneider and Carroll blunder their way into Denver to try to get Manning to sign there? ...uh....yes.... without great effect.

So then they break the bank for Matt Flynn - who is the most overrated backup in the history of sports (except for Kevin Kolb, of course) - then draft a QB that ends up winning the starting job.....admittedly a great pick.

So you get ESPN GM votes for you if you whiff on a superstar, overpay for a backup that you think can start BASED ON ONE GAME AT GREEN BAY (did anybody see Flynn play more than one game? Brilliant move, Schneider) and luck out on a mid range pick for a QB that is pushed to the front of the depth chart, because Flynn sucks, and then has a great year.

I'm not knocking Russell Wilson; I'm just questioning the wisdom of the ESPNdits that reward a GM that keeps whiffing and then accidentally bloops a single.
IMO you don't get this both ways. If we're going to skewer a guy for the bad Flynn contract, you don't then get to say he just "got lucky" on Wilson.

If that's the case, you could argue that he was unlucky with Flynn but Wilson was a genius pick.
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