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Didn't Schneider and Carroll blunder their way into Denver to try to get Manning to sign there? ...uh....yes.... without great effect.

One more surprise: Manning got a call informing him that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had flown, unannounced, with Seattle G.M. John Schneider to the airport in Englewood. Carroll would do whatever Manning wanted—talk for a while in Denver or on the plane to Arizona, his next visit, or fly him to Seattle for a lengthier discussion.

Peyton Manning does not like surprises. He said no thanks. Carroll flew home.

So then they break the bank for Matt Flynn - who is the most overrated backup in the history of sports (except for Kevin Kolb, of course) - then draft a QB that ends up winning the starting job.....admittedly a great pick.

So you get ESPN GM votes for you if you whiff on a superstar, overpay for a backup that you think can start BASED ON ONE GAME AT GREEN BAY (did anybody see Flynn play more than one game? Brilliant move, Schneider) and luck out on a mid range pick for a QB that is pushed to the front of the depth chart, because Flynn sucks, and then has a great year.

I'm not knocking Russell Wilson; I'm just questioning the wisdom of the ESPNdits that reward a GM that keeps whiffing and then accidentally bloops a single.

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