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Virgil Green

I leaned on something Sando said as we discussed this: Take away the obvious moves, the moves your mom would know to make ...

Added Sando, I voted for Schneider because I thought the moves Seattle made required more skill and foresight. Elway and Grigson did more than simply acquire Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, of course. But without those moves, neither would factor into the discussion. Those were moves 99 percent of fantasy football general managers would have made.

Wrong. The whole Tebow thing in addition to Manning's uncertain health is what makes this situation anything but a no-brainer. We know from the bickering on this board in the offseason that bringing in Manning was not a no-brainer.

Not only that but bringing in Manning was not the same as drafting a player. That is where Elway came in. When PM picked the Broncos, he was choosing Elway as much as he was choosing the Broncos.
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