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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
This is a lame duck argument. Every offense in the league is different because it's designed to take advantage of the strengths of the players. Did Shanny change the offense for RGIII compared to his QBs last year, of course.

The question is not whether Tebow can run can run the exact same offense as Tom Brady. The question is; can an offense designed around Tebow prove effective in this league.
why should tebow be treated differently i am all in favor of tossing tebow out there and letting him sink or swim for the jets last few games since he was supposed to be second sting . i do agree he got screwed by the jets but
didn't elway have to compete for a job in training camp marino ? kelly ? again why treat tebow so special the other QBs have to compete in training camp so to Tebow i like the guy but it makes sense why cant Tebow play in a conventional offense like OTHER qbs
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