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I don't know of any "Broncos" bars. The Parlor on Melrose, two blocks west of La Brea, is pretty cool. Like four different rooms with TVs everywhere. A lot of Ravens fans go there, and they take up a wing, but I wouldn't call it a "Ravens" bar. There's just a lot of Ravens fans who go there. Bears fans too. There have been a few Broncos fans. The Ravens fans usually get pretty loud, so it was funny a couple weeks ago when I didn't hear a peep out of them when the Broncos were kicking the Ravens butts.

Busbys on Wilshire, a few blocks west of La Brea, is cool too. Like three rooms, and a lot of TVs.

Hollywood sports bars are kind of interesting, because it is the Hollywood crowd. A lot of really good people and real fans, but there are some folks who are just there to be seen. That's not always a bad thing. Chicks tend to skank up their jersey's a shirts. lol
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