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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Social Security was always just another tax thought up by liberals. I'm not surprised people pissed about that now that they are finding out.
No, it was a specifically funded social safety net program that was increased and then turned into a quasi-general tax by Reagan.

But of course, you're just trying to avoid the question. Why should we steal that money twice?

The SS program is currently >$2.6 trillion in the black (meaning SS tax revenues have exceeded outlays by $2.6 trillion). Reagan decided we should be allowed to "borrow" that money (>$2.6T of the current debt figures are in treasury bills owed to the SS program), in part for his unwarrented build up in the 80s (600 ship navy, etc.). Now you want to say: too bad, we borrowed it but we aren't going to pay it back.

It hasn't never contributed a dime to the current national debt. Why should it used to fix the problem (and in large part continue funneling huge amounts of wasted money into the military), again?
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