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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
The bottom line is when this game is over and whether Denver wins by 2 or 42 the teams attention will switch to wild card weekend and who Denver will play in the divisional week.

As far as sending a message, that is the most retarded crap I have ever heard. Does anyone think The Patriots are going to be intimidated by the Broncos if they beat KC by 28 points?
No it doesn't matter but plenty of NE fans have been expressing their dismay at possibly having to play Denver in Denver since November and the need to keep at least that #2 seed. Too bad.

Really too bad that they switched the NE game. I would love to have seen them lose, and then Denver lose to KC to take care of the law of averages thing......and help KC lose the #1 pick. But whatever happens, the playoffs will be fun!
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