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we have had a very good season but the fact remains that we really haven't played very many good teams during our winning streak. If you are basing elite status on numbers, I think you have to consider our opponents.

When you really watch this team, I think the sum is greater than the parts, especially on defense. Guys like Mike Adams, Jim Leonard, some of our defensive linemen.. these aren't great players. But they are getting it done for the most part. I think that is a sign of great coaching and scheme. However, when the playoffs come we will see how good this team really is and although I think we have a defense that can keep us in games and at times be dominant against elite offenses, I wouldn't expect to hold the Patriots below 25.

TLDR: Elite? I don't think so but I could be wrong.

PS: We really don't need to be elite to win the super bowl, just opportunistic and effective.
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