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Originally Posted by montrose View Post
I need a laptop for work, hopefully someone has had a chance to get familiar with Windows 8. I used to sell computers but that was almost 2 years ago so I'm a bit out of the game. I've always used Windows PCs although for the last year I've been enjoying using my iPad and iPhone and the allure of compatibility to a MacBook is compelling. I also have a full version of Windows 7 that I could run in Parallels or Boot Camp on the machine, the downside would obviously be cost. Probably about $1500 for what I want.

On the flip side, I could go with a Windows 8 PC. I would lose the syncing between the computer and Apple devices but that seems like more of a luxury than necessity. The Windows PC would do everything I need for less, probably around $800. So I'm wondering if the cost difference is worth it going with the Mac. Has anyone had experience with Windows 8? I played with the beta but I'm sure it's different now. Thanks!
IMO, If this is just "for work" and the $800 computer will do the job "for work" save the $800 unless the $1500 computer will make you more money or save you more time to do your job.

BTW, are you self employed? Why wouldn't "work" provide you a computer?

To get the full Windows 8 experience you need a touch screen but as has been mention you can revert back to the classic Win 7 view

So far I've had no issues with Win 8. I doubt it's anything more than a mobile GUI for Windows 7
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