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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Well there you's your it.

If you barely squeak by the team looking to the get the
#1 pick in the draft it will definitely put blood in the water.

Just shut up if you can't grasp the obvious............
I don't have a hard time agreeing with this.

It's already been pointed out in this thread how JAX was able to move the ball against NE, giving a renewed sense of confidence that NE can be beat.

HOU has already proven a well rounded team can handle them, making them a weak #1 seed IMO.

So if fans like us can sense this, the players must surely do. Again, going back to NE/JAX, alot of people like pointing out we should be OK since JAX was able to move the ball at will. Do we really want to give that sense of confidence to other teams? Just imagine if NE struggles this week against MIA. Everyone will be talking about how they will be easy pickings in the playoffs.

Belichick runs up the score to demoralize opponents, and to send a message to the rest of the league, in essence saying 'this is going to be you'. I'm not saying we should have Manning in there with 4 minutes left in a 45-3 game, but I wouldn't mind seeing a performance that tells the league they're in for a world of hurt playing us either.
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