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Personally, I would love for us to draft a big DT or two. Kawann Short would be ideal in Round 1, and I'd be happy with Brandon Williams in Round 3 as well. That's because I love DTs. I just don't think the team and scheme care as much as we might.

And no, nothing about Siliga or Unrein excites me. But in a heavy rotation, it makes sense for us to go cheap at DT when we have big expenses at other positions.

I don't know a thing about Cooper Taylor. I do think Jefferson is a fine prospect though. This should be a good safety draft. If Elam and Reid come out, it's even better. If we take a Safety in the 2nd or 3rd round, we should be able to get a very good one. Strong Safeties tend to be one of the safest positions to draft too, with instant production.

Armstrong will be an UDFA, he'll be an interesting name.
I would prefer two DTs myself and the exact two you named. If we are playing our scheme similar to Seattle, then we would upgrade our DTs. Since they are playing in a read and react role, playing rookies would not be detrimental to our defense. I honestly believe Short and Williams would transition well and could make a better impact then Unrein and Silga quickly. We could still resign Big Vick and another Veteran and rotate them with the rookies. I hope the FO values upgrading DTs and improving our interior like we do.

I'm thinking Minter may not be available when we are on the clock, so I have been looking at other MLB prospects. The physicality that Andrew Jackson plays with is unreal. But I would need to see him be more fluid in coverage. But the more I think about it, with our rotation to nickel coverage with the Kentucky duo, we would probably sub out our MLB. So should we really be looking for a three down MLB per say? It may contradict what we are doing with our scheme. If we can get a dominate mid round MLB who excelled against the run and attacking downfield, then he can just be rotated out in coverage. Wouldn't we prefer WW and DT on the field in coverage anyway.. I think we are doing something very similar with Brooking anyway.
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