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Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
Peyton already bought into the Memphis Grizzlies, don't know that he would want to own both (though I'm sure he could if he wants to)
I'm sure he'd much rather be a minority owner of a pro football team than a pro basketball team.

A lot of guys in Manning's situation (star athlete) can buy in to other pro sports teams easily because that is the circle they travel in via their agents, lawyers, etc.. If the opportunity arrives to buy in to something like that most savvy financial managers would strongly encourage it, since stable sports franchises have great growth rates and are therefore a great way to turn a quick profit.

Michael Jordan parlayed minority ownership in the Washington Wizards into a much larger share in the Charlotte Bobcats with this tactic. A lot of minority owners in baseball have done the same thing. Guys like Manning get the best pricing because of his name and the average fan "cred" it gives the group, and then once a new TV deal gets struck or something similar and revenues jump you cash out at a significant mark up.

Hell, Manning will probably have the means to be a 10-20% owner in a franchise if he really wants to when he gets done, given his current salary, past salaries, huge list of endorsement deals, and other investments.
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