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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
DB4L we have come a long way on here, I respect your posts, I'm not just trying to argue. I'm really interested on your take on the kid. I don't think he will be available at 32, so let's assume he's not there, who else do you like at WR? I like Stedman Bailey too and think he would be better value as a mid round pick to play the slot.

Also do you think Decker is better suited to play inside or out? After watching him all season fall all over the field, I have to admit I like him as our number 2 out wide and think we just need a slot WR.

We should utilize Holiday in some packages, I think with the ball in his hands the kid is electric. But we still need to upgrade at WR, so we do see eye to eye. I just don't think Austin will be there at 32, so let's talk other options.
Honest answer I think MLB and WR need upgraded the most this offseason. I prefer a vet DT over a rookie DT because we know they are game ready from the jump. Since there ins't a MLB really worth drafting in the first from what I have seen so far, my wish is for Austin for obvious reasons. I think he is the most dangerous offensive player in the draft. We need that IMO. If Austin is gone then go for the BPA.

As for Decker I like moving him around to create mismatches. I hate trying to be the Pats and all but, if we can get another WR like Austin to do that as well we will be better.
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