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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
We can do better than Tony Jefferson and Kenny Stills. I'd blow my brains out if that was our 2 and 3.
Those are two very solid players. I'm not particularly fond of either, but that's about the talent level at those positions I project at that draft range. I think those two would be excellent value for us.

As for Free v. Strong Safety, they're interchangeable in schemes. At 5'11, 215lbs with 113 Tackles, Jefferson is a traditional Strong Safety in the NFL. He's eerily similar to Cleveland's stud safety, TJ Ward.

Kenny Stills reminds me a lot of former NY Giants WR Steve Smith. He was a devastating WR in the slot and outside before injuries destroyed his career.

And with Minter, you're hoping for Karlos Dansby.

I mean, if we can pull Dansby, Ward, and Smith from the first three rounds of the draft, I would hope that wouldn't depress you.
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