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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Remember, cut wants the US to be able to kick military ass on the rest of the world put together.
Don't look now but N Korea just launched a missile that could hit the US. Oh and in a few days they will detonate another nuke.

China being belligerent trying to snatch resources from other coutries in asia.

Russia building military and becoming more and more a thorn in our side. Their plan is to become more powerful then the US.

I agree we can cut. My point is we only spend like 4% of gdp, around what 700 billion a yr? I'm not sure what we could cut. Our aircraft carriers are old and making some new ones is a smart move. The old ones use an outdated powerplant. Its just one of those things we have to have. Carriers are how we project power to other regions on a moments notice.

Also we already spent too much on the f-35. We have to push ahead and finish that project. The money spent keeping the older planes in service is getting tough. I know a marine jet mechanic and according to him many of our f-16s f-15s are way passed how many hours they were designed to fly.

Really the money is in the troop levels. So.......we could cut there after Afghan draws down. Maybe reduce by what? 50 thousand troops? Not really sure how many we could cut out and still have enough if some conflict arose.

Mainly though I believe that we have to keep staying as far ahead technologically as we can. That takes money.
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