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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
I think you're right... and going a step further, I think Elway was on board with Tebow at first too. Until he saw Tebow throw the ball in training camp. No one's gonna recognize "what it takes to succeed as a QB in the NFL" (or go "holy crap, this guy can't throw the ball!") like a HOF QB. He's been there and done that and it's mind-boggling that some fans thought he didn't know what he was doing. And even further that some go to such huge reaches to "explain" with tinfoil hat conspiracy theories... something that really is as simple as: no one ever instilled Tebow with basic QB mechanics and his performance suffers because he lacks these essential tools... and most likely cannot succeed without them.
TT is a MLB playing QB. He throws the ball like a javelin with a big long delivery. He's got bad, bad mechanics and to this point he hasn't done much to change these problems. I know McD was working with him to change his delivery but I don't think TT has stuck with the training, but I could be wrong.

If TT wants people to take him seriously he's gonna have to bite the bullet and force himself to change, and that is very hard to do, especially at this point in his career.
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