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Still out of all the surgeries that are done to the knee it has to have the lowest success rate. I never said he was finished though. I'm 100 percent OK with not drafting Elam. I still think he is a good safety and can play with Moore though.

Austin is not just a slot WR. I don't know why you keep calling him that like that is the only position on a football field he is capable of playing. The guy can play RB, inside and outside. Decker can move inside giving Denver the ability to match up against any secondary in the NFL with ease. I've suggested Bailey, his teammate who is more of a slot WR in terms of ability at the next level later in the draft.

It's looking more and more like my dream of Hunt is not going to happen without us drafting him in the first round. Depending on how much Denver wants to continue to run this style of D, he might not be that bad of a first round pick anyways.
His flexibility and attributes would best serve him on the inside. There are other prospects with similar attributes and skill sets who could be had later in the draft..I just think Hillman and Holiday can serve as explosive wrinkles from the backfield. It's ashame they haven't found creative ways to get both the ball. We need a shifty elusive WR in the slot and we can find him after the first round..
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