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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I still think we're drafting Kevin Minter in Round 1, a 3 down MLB from LSU.

With the scheme we run, we won't be looking for penetration DTs. Guys like Sheldon Richardson, Margus Hunt, and Bennie Logan are not what we want. Their role in our defense is filled by Wolfe and Jackson. And since we only want read and react cloggers that play less than half the snaps each, I can't imagine we take a DT early this draft.

Likewise, with our scheme, the DE position is full. Ayers, Dumervil, Wolfe, and Jackson. No room for another active DE. I don't see us going D-line at all within the top three rounds, if at all.

At WR, I can't imagine we'd look for a niche player like Tavon Austin and tinker with Manning's offense to scheme him the ball. Don't see it. Manning will want a traditional slot based offense. Stedman Bailey is far more likely to be drafted by us than Austin.

I see a massive need at SS. Adams is average and entering the last year of his deal. Carter has never proven anything. Leonhard and Bruton are FAs.

Right now, I would guess the early draft would look like:

1. MLB Kevin Minter, LSU
2. SS Tony Jefferson, Oklahoma
3. WR Kenny Stills, Oklahoma

with DT, OG, and more secondary/WR depth rounding it out.
I did mock him to us, but it will require our first round pick.
I think you are right and we will keep Wolfe at DE, but it would be a mistake not to draft a talented DT should the opportunity present itself. While I agree we won't draft a gap penetrator in our scheme, I do think we will look for bigger guys who move their weight well and can pressure the QB, I.E. Brandon Williams. I have talked this kid up and will continue to. He would fit perfectly, and I still question the long term plan of the defense going forward. If Wolfe stays at DE do you really like Silga and Unrein long term?

There is a current void at SS, but there's another bad safety prospect being named. Jefferson is not the prospect I want either. If you guys are draft junkies then you will watch some tape of Cooper Taylor (Richmond). The TEs in the NFL are big and fast, we need a SS who is a hybrid OLB/SS enter Cooper Taylor. We need a big physical SS.. Ray Ray Armstrong has elite talent but does have some off field issues.
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