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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
People will find reasons to complain or worry if the broncos win 100-0.

"Why didnt we rest Peyton after it was 30-0? His arm will fall off now"
"Knowshon took 4 more carries than he should have. He will definitely be tired for the playoffs."
"We earned the bye, we will be rusty."
'Peyton is giving away too many pizzas"
"Osweiler only threw 5 passes. We are killing his development."
"We won so big, we will be complacent"
"We touched the chiefs players. they have cooties. We're ****ed."
"We've played too many home games recently. If we go on the road for the AFC championship, we won't be ready for a hostile crowd."
"We got home field throughout since houston lost. Most number 1 seeds dont make the super bowl."
"At 50-0, we rested our starters. They needed to play so they wont be rusty."

What am i missing?

Nah actually a lot of you guys are orange colored wearing asshats who will call anyone pointing out obvious flaws or problems a non fan.

Just be real and honest period................
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