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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
You said RoundAbout! Now I have to pop a handful of goofballs and dig out my Yes Albums ON VINYL MAN!!!! Only some punk ass kids standing on or near my lawn would listen to YES on an ithingy!

That said I have YES, ELP, Moody Blues, etc... all loaded up eating space on my tiny 16g iphone. Apple needs to listen to more Prog rock and add more RAM cheaper so I can load all my music. Oh well I still have the records and my Bang and Olufsen turntable (and CD's for the car) to fall back on.
Fragile is a fantastic album. Everything Yes did was the ****in' bomb. I don't think my dad has any Yes on vinyl. I get his vinyl collection and record player, etc. -- all those goods when he dies. He has got a really nice set up. It's crazy tho, they are like pieces of furniture.
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