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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Can you buy a new battery for a Mac Laptop? I heard that you couldn't.
Pretty sure you can. If not, it is replaceable with the Apple Care warranty. I ain't Steve Jobs man, I ain't got time for dat!

I sure wish I could throw in a RAM card to expand the RAM on my iPhone, I had a 64gig card in my ancient AT&T Tilt. Now I am stuck with 16G on the 4S.

Bought my daughter a Chinese knock off Android based Tablet, it has a couple USB ports, SD slot, 100 base NIC, Wireless with 4G internal We can add a couple of USB flash drives and she has endless storage. Can the new iPads do that now?
Can you have a USB flash drive with an iPad? In a round about way, yes. With an adapter. Not sure if the new ones got USB ports. I would never get an iPad. I have enough problems with my MaxiPads.
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