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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I never got this either. I have had a virus problem exactly once in the last seven years.

Basically if you have problems with viruses or, heaven forbid, you are paying for virus protection, you are obviously a computer imbecile and a Mac is what you need because they are made imbecile proof.
The only time you get a virus is if you go out looking for one. I have one friend who had a couple viruses a year until he stopped downloading porn. He finally swore off Internets porn and has had one since. The other one I encountered was from a client who installed Freeware from an untrusted source that was infected.

If you use common sense on the internet and keep your anti-virus products updated and don't share USB drives without scanning them right away you will be fine.

I have been using the Free version of AVG Anti-virus and Malware Bytes and not looking for Gene Naked on Porn sites. AVG saves me over $70 bucks now, I am over the limit on Mcafee and Norton licenses at the house.
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