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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
I bought a macbook pro solely because I wanted to make tunes on my machine. Outside of that I actually feel like the interface is using metaphors that are fast becoming outdated. If I could go back I would have gone with the PC. Don't let the Mac branding bs force you into spending extra cash for equal or less specs and an (imo) inferior os to the live tiles of windows 8. That said, I'd prefer windows 8 on a touchscreen.
I do think Apple stock is about to serious dump in value.

There is only one Steve Jobs just like there was only one P. T. Barnum. Apple will flounder for a while. Look at the huge screw up with Apple's map app. That doesn't happen with Jobs in charge.

Jobs knew what would sell and created those products and an cult following to buy them the minute they came out. In the herd mentality world of today those long lines to buy the latest Apple product made for priceless advertising and drove sales through the roof, course you have to have a really good product to really pull that off and Jobs made sure of that too.

Now the rest of the companies have caught on and are fully committed to be the company that comes up with the next great "thing" . Jobs had this market all to himself for years but he's gone and his business plan is not unique anymore.
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