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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Not even remotely true at all. The only people who don't realize how you can upgrade a Mac are the people who don't know anything about computers other than how to boot them up and surf the web. It takes a little "smarts" to do it, but it easily can be done. How many people with PCs do you know that are bossing 32GB of RAM in their system. Probably none.
Well... I'll tell you this, 3 months ago I got my self an Asus laptop with windows 7. It freaking rocks!!! I was thinking about getting the new Macbook Pro with retina display, but what threw me off was that it didn't have an integrated CD/DVD drive. The upgraded version went for around $3500. My upgraded PC laptop upgraded version went for $1200. It has 2.2 Core i7, 32 GB ram, 1TB Hard drive, an NVIDIA 2GB graphic card.

I am a graphic designer, so the ATI graphic card that the Macbook has would have been preferred, but for the money deferential I ain't complaining. Windows 7 runs like a charm. Since I got a Windows phone (they are great by the way, got the Nokia 900), I decided to look into the Windows 8 upgrade. My IT guy told me to hold on a few more months just to make sure it is compatible with all the programs I use. Other than that, I checked it out on a touchscreen laptop and it was cool as hell.
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