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Originally Posted by baja View Post
According to poll voting so far 88% think the current Broncos are either elite or near elite.

Will we still be elite if we are one and done in the playoffs?

Exactly. This is a world of what did you do today (at least very recently). Watch. If the Broncos go one and out in the playoffs, the national media and every non-Bronco fan around the country will poopoo the success of this year. The experts will come out and explain how it was just smoke and mirrors with the team playing six games (division) against poor competition, inflating the Bronco record. Add that to some of the weaker non-division opponents.

Everyone knows that the playoff pressure is nothing like the regular season where you know have another opportunity to correct your mistakes. The noose gets a whole lot tighter on every player and coach on the team. Expectations with the fans are raised much higher.

Someone said it earlier very clear. Elite teams can go anywhere, against anyone, against the playoff adversity and not fold. They simply win. Why was Jack Nicklaus an ELITE golfer. It isn't just because he had great talent. There are many golfers (and teams) with great talent. When the pressure was on, Jack didn't fold while everyone around him was throwing up on themselves. He didn't do it just once, he did it again and again and again.

There has to be a level of consistency and a record of performance over time. Why are repeat Superbowl victories so respected. It places you on pedestal of performance not many can match. That is an elite team. I am not stating you need repeat Superbowl victories to be elite. But what makes you elite, what separates you from the very, very good. Results above everyone around you.
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