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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
I say let the cuts take place
I'm a big fan of major cuts. Contrary to cito's idea of me I'm also a firm believer in personal responsibility. We all have a little responsibility in this nearly 17 trillion dollar debt. We've allowed our politicians to run wild with our tax dollars. I feel personally responsible for that but I've done what I can on an individual level.

Cito you just have an ax to grind with me because I think your beloved Israel should be cut from the American tax payer tit. 100+ Billion shipped to a wealthy nation while we have millions suffering at home and our own border lies unprotected. It's a tragedy!

Yes we need big cuts. See my first post on this thread. Instead this has been obama's/geithners debt policy the last 4 years.

I am responsible for about 25 bucks of the debt recently. Had breakfast in the White House last week. I did offer to pay for it though. They insisted it was on the house.

Having spent a week in DC meeting with various people it was painfully clear how out of touch our representatives are and this bubble mentality of the people in DC. The recession isn't even understood in DC. The federal dollars have floated around there so freely those aholes have been living high on the hog on your dime.

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