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I think we should go over the cliff and layoff the president, most of congress, and about 5 million federal workers. These jack asses have us in wars all over the world and they can't even pass a damn budget plan.

These idiots are going to kick the can down the road and raise taxes on everyone. The poor included. This political uncertainty is already having adverse effects on the economy. On a personal level I know of major deals being shelved because people don't even know how much they are going to be taxed!

Bottom line they are creating a disincentive to hire people, take business risk, and quite frankly make more money.
Taxes will go up, but they will be able to pass loophoes and other gimmicks to ease the tax burden on the poor... the wealthly will just out their money elsewhere and avoid taxation on many fronts... its really the middle income earners, 50-150K that get the biggest hit.. not poor enought o qualify for the breaks, not rich enough to hire an accountant to figure it out.

My Aunt just sold her business for 26 years, the collective tax liability on the assets was just a smidge under 50 percent, and her annual income form the business over the years, over 40%. She said she would not do it again considering hours worked and stress undertook.

I say let the cuts take place and let taxes go up. We have been living on the national credit card for a decade and not paying our bills.... the bills Politicians have run up.... its time to pay the tab, and only then in the high tax environment will the true Fiscal Conservatives be taken seriously.... until then, we live on borrow time and money
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