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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Hell, its not like anyone knows what Elway's compensation for being President of Football Operations entails. For all we know Bowlen is already paying him with team shares. He did try to give Elway 7% when he retired after all.

I'd expect when Pat is too old to effectively manage the team or passes away he and Elway will have a succession plan in place whereby Elway takes over day to day ownership while a group of partners help fund the buyout of Bowlen's family. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Elway has already set up an agreement with Manning which sees him buy in as well.
That's a good point. We don't know how Elway is getting paid. Options in the team could be part of his compensation. Also remember they've been partners before with the arena league, so it's not like Elway and Bowlen haven't been in contact for the past decade.
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