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Originally Posted by montrose View Post
Thanks for the feedback guys, if money weren't an object I'd probably go with the Mac but it is so I'll still need to think it over. I am more interested in he stark contrast of responses regarding Windows 8. Those that love it: why? Those that don't: why?

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Its half a touch based interface and half a desktop interface in the spirit of windows 7. Only way to really know what is unique about it is to use it.

People complain because they can't get used to the fact that all the programs are on a separate panel that takes up your whole screen when you open the apps. People hate it for the same reason that people hated the start bar from XP but they all got used to that.

It's generally a somewhat innovative design but mostly impractical for the desktop environment (although great for touch) because the way that you actually look for programs to open is often through the start/docs (list) menu or the spotlight/ctrl+F search feature.

The idea of dragging a montage of pictures is great for touchscreen but doesn't translate to the desktop.

That said you might really enjoy the touch laptops that windows 8 is meant to be used with,again, its all about the hardware.

Focus on the hardware and its marriage to the software... i recommend you take a look at the foldable touch laptops for w8 or the air for mac osx.

Performance and tech specs are overated, intel's mobile division pumps out insane per wattage power and modern operating systems take up a relatively minuscule percentage of a computer's RAM.

A modern core-i ULV processor and 4GBs of ram could run just about anything.
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