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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I've been a PC guy almost my whole life and have had a PC of my own since I was 3 years old. Gave Windows 8 a serious try because I always like to see what is coming out. It is worthless and most people agree. Look at all the good tech sites on the Web and you won't see any groundbreaking reviews on it. Haven't really been impressed with any Microsoft OS since XP -- and even that took till SP3 to even be completely stable.

I would go with a Mac in a heartbeat. I bought a MacAir a year ago and the only problem I had was an issue with a trackpad, but that was fixed easily under Apple Care. One free year, three extended for $100 which is worth it on a $1,000+ investment. It has nothing to do with being a sheep. The high end laptops with Windows 8 cost just as much as a MacBook/MacAir. I don't think I have ever had a better machine than what I do now. It boots up in seconds and runs absolutely smoothly. The only thing I can say is with the flash state and how many websites use it, the battery life isn't as good as I expected. I'm not sure what the new generation of Mac's run at -- but my Air gets ~ 4.5 hours, sometimes 5 depending on the settings.

Go with the Mac. Orange Mane for Mac: (54) . . . Windows 8: El Guapo (1)
This is the key for me. I fought the transition to Mac for many years when IBM, Toshiba, even Dell made good hardware. Up until last year I was rockin' the very best $3K Windows-based laptops for business built by Lenovo, Dell, HP and Samsung. They are all absolute crap compared to the MacBook Pro unfortunately. Apple's laptop industrial design and performance is far superior to any x86-based Windows machine out there today. And to your point, the best Windows laptops cost as much as the MacBook Pros. Windows laptops are dying a quick death. The Mac OSx is solid but definitely has deficiencies like Windows.
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