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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Yeah McElroy practiced so well he was kept inactive 90% of the time.
This discussion isn't about McElroy or how well he does or does not practice;but it's noteworthy that the only time I've ever seen the "he just doesn't perform well in practice but deserves a starting job anyway" argument raised, the comment (without exception) has involved the proper noun "Tebow". Same is true of the argument "but...but... he didn't get enough reps with the first team. Other backup QBs are expected to perform adequately if needed regardless of the "reps-with-the-first-team-in-practice-count".

Oh, and... you're not seriously trying to contend that McElroy's elevation to starter last week was based on anything other than Ryan trying to send Sanchez a message (to quit sucking), are you?
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