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This one's for Pat!
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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Super glad I give you pause to think and be concerned over these world changing important issues...............carry on,,,,,lol
Last question, I promise. It's actually a theory on which I would love to get your opinion.

You're clearly a mouth breather, right? I've never seen you, so let's just call it a hunch.

Maybe all the prolonged ellipses at the end of your written sentences are, in a way, representative of your mouth breathing. Since your mouth is always open, you are probably more likely to be fairly quick when responding in a conversation. (Most people have to open their mouths to speak; your mouth is already open, so you have everyone beat by a millisecond with your answer.) Maybe, just maybe, the ellipses are your way of "setting yourself up" for the next response. Heck, it could be totally subconscious.

True story. In fourth grade, I sat next to a kid named Anthony. He was a decent-enough kid. But he had a learning disability, and he was DEFINITELY a mouth breather. So, anyway, one morning, we were all standing at our desks, listening to the morning announcements, and waiting to start the pledge of allegiance. All of a sudden, a big, ol' horsefly flies right into Anthony's mouth. Anthony sort of does this, "Ack! Ack! AAAAACCCCK!" thing, but the horsefly never comes out. I'm pretty sure it could have been found the next day in Anthony's poop.
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