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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
In the past 8 years I've purchased 8 laptops. 3 years ago is when I purchased my last laptop, a MacBook. It's has held up better than any pc I've ever owned. There was a steep learning curve for me to get used to the OS, but I love it now. Had to download Firefox for a few of the websites I use for work, but most things are now Mac compatible.

Since getting a MacBook my wife quit her Lenovo and bought a MacBook and we bought a used iMac for a desktop. There are still glitches with the machines, but my problem solving time, virus chasing time, and general load times are just less on the Mac.

There's a reason apple has such a devoted following.
Counterpoint: All of the developers at my company have either Macbook Air's or Macbook Pro's. Our failure rate is higher than at my previous venture where we mostly used cheap Dell's.

Our average lifespan for a Macbook Pro is about 1.5 years. Which is good for a developers machine, but not fantastic. We're forced into it as all of our developers touch iOS at some point.

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