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Originally Posted by troyjbath View Post
Here's my point Baja: What the fans and talking heads think doesn't matter. What you and I think doesn't matter. NFL coaches and players aren't paid to be scared of other teams, home or away. Each team spends the week preparing to win the next football game. When the ball leaves the tee, both teams are expecting to win the game.

Well that's the way it's supposed to work but there are lots of shades of gray on this. I am sure the coaches hope they have erased all doubts but that is impossible. It's why you see some teams just going through the motions because they know the will lose. Or how about letting a team you should beat hang around, they make a play and than play with renewed passion because they now thing they can win. My point is attitude and belief are a big part of this game.

But in the end I agree with you it's the playoffs and nobody fears anyone at least they better not.
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