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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
Still, to control the franchise Elway will need to come up with the cash to buy 30 percent of it, along with a coalition of investors to purchase the rest. With NFL team values shooting to $1 billion and beyond, it could be a challenge for Elway to come up with $300 million.
Never mind. I clicked on the link (duh). I don't think that's true, though. It all depends on who you partner with. It's no different than any business. The expectations lie with the investors. I would think, given the ridiculous inflation when it comes to the prices of these teams, that lots of potential silent investors might be interested in owning a team, but not very interested in actually running it. For a partner like Elway, they might want to make sure he has significant skin in the game to partner with him - but how much skin is relative.

Using the Magic Johnson scenario with the Dodgers, he ended up putting in about 2 1/2 percent.
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