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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
The 1997 season was so much more stressful. That December was just hell. But that Super Bowl win was so much more enjoyable. The 1998 season as a whole I think was more enjoyable than any of them. Don't discount a team that just dominated everyone that year. We could have led the league in scoring and yards if we wanted to.
Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I agree. There were a lot of tough losses during the 97 season. I remember my Dad slamming the TV when KC kicked the field goal and that stupid fat rat thing they have as a mascot punching the air. The Steelers loss, the Niners loss. It felt like we were barely hanging on to the playoffs.

'98 we straight balled.
All true. And all of it exactly why I think the '97 team was better. Yes they DID have stresses, and they barely hung on. Nine months earlier they were the #1 playoff seed, but lost at home in round one to a 3rd year expansion team. That loss, the Super Bowls and Elway's age left a Buffalo Bills/Minnesota Vikings stench hanging over the franchise. Still, the '97 team marched on ... they overcame every obstacle, exorcized every demon. kicked in every door.

The '98 team - the only thing they had over '97 was confidence. With the same roster (without Zimmerman actually a less talented roster), they were on cruise control all year. That cruise control feature was provided free of charge by the '97 team.

'97 was the grandfather who started a business in his garage and built it into a huge corporation ... '98 was his grandson who calmly took the helm and steered straight ahead. '97 was Bud Wilkinson who built the monster, '98 was Barry Switzer who just fed the thing. I'll stop with just two tortured analogies ....
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