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This one's for Pat!
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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
i know what you were trying to say. but this is about as bad an example as you could have used.
Davis was a senile fool in the last 10-15 years of his Raiders ownership tenure.
Right, but the example works, from a structural perspective. He started with a minority interest, and has acquired and sold various pieces over the years. But when you ask any sports fan who owns the Raiders, they will answer, "Al Davis." Now, they might answer, "That creepy Albino dude with the bowl haircut" - but I digress.

And, in fairness, "John Elway" to a lifetime Raiders fan is probably just as dirty a term as "Al Davis" is to us.

But, in defense of us, we have this image to put to the name:

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