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Frankly I could live with just Hunt and moving Wolfe back to his natural position and just resigning the guys we have now. I'm not claiming anything about continuity I'm claiming that adding three new members to the front four via draft is down right dumb.

When did I say move up in the draft to get anyone? And Collie is done man all but done man. Also look at our WR core after Decker and Thomas. There isn't anyone. Stokley is a FA. Willis sucks and he is a FA. Holliday isn't a WR, and Caldwell is a name on the roster only.

Also I suggested SS because Cater might never recover and Adams is getting up in age.
When I said an ideal haul would be Short, Hunt, Williams.. That doesn't mean they all start. In fact Wolfe would split snaps with Hunt initially as well as move to a permanent role inside. Short could start day one he is that good. Williams is also incredibly talented, he has the schools all time sack record and he plays DT!

We need more push inside. The two prospects I suggested would give us that and allow Wolfe to stay outside. And Hunt could be used situationally. Having them all would give us great depth and a plathora of options, it would solidify the line for the next 10 years.. We probably won't take 2 DTs and a DE, but my suggestion is to draft what the draft offers the best of!

Collie would come incredibly cheap, I agree outside of the top 2 we are weak. Collie would bolster the depth and offer a very talented option when healthy! He could be used in a Stokely role, to limit exposure to concussions. If Jahvid Best were a FA I promise you someone smart would take a chance on him, the upside with Collie is similar! We take a chance and can easily say good bye if he gets hurt again!

I agree we don't know about Carters health, and another SS option would be solid, but we need to think big and physical. Someone who can match up physically with a TE and really lay the wood in WRs and RBs. We need our version of Cam Chancellor, that's why I suggested Cooper Taylor and Kenny Tate. Plus they only cost a middle to late round pick. Elam is not worth a first round pick, and with his size and attributes, he fits in as a FS in our scheme.
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