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Peyton Hillis

Maybe it's just me, but I like Elvis better than Aldon Smith. That guy plays like a p***Y when he gets stacked up by a good OT, and I never see Elvis quit on a play, even when he gets rolled.

I'm not sure Aldon would be quite the same player on a different team, but I think Elvis would be basically the same (10 sacks/year as a 4-3 DE, 14-15 sacks a years as a 3-4 rushing OLB).

I would like a badass D-Tackle - i'm not gonna lie - but I don't know if it is more important than a dominant MLB in the Del Rio system. I would much rather trade three draft picks for Teo (if we think he is "that guy"), than to give a bloated contract to a D-Tackle.
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