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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Ok, this is now an issue of semantics. I think "elite" can last for the short term (1-3 years of domination). Your points might have more to do with the other word - dynasty.

If we can "consumate" our win streak by beating the teams that beat us early in the season, we have every right to use the word "elite." The Osweiler thing and future players/drafts are more about the "dynasty" thing.

Anyway, I don't care much about media classifications, but I love watching this team continue to develop. We are kicking ass, and really playing solid team football. Another spectacular Broncos season to watch (compliments of Elway).
Well ya I was leaning more toward elite / dynasty with the Elway elite GM post and continued along the same lines when I quoted and added to your post. but I agree they are for sure fun as hell to watch. When you are playing the Chiefs on Sunday you gotta hunt for stuff to talk about. Not saying we got an automatic win here but there is not much to analyze.

Think we can hold Charles to under 100 yards?
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