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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Rightards? loons?

Fellas the democrats have been in charge for 4 years now.
Not at all true. Why do you guys insist on lies all the time?

Had our economy actually grew instead of debt ceiling raises, quantitative easing, operation twist, and other fed tricks we wouldn't be in this mess.
Hard to get anything done when even the ideas the right _agrees_ with they block just for the sake of blocking. It's childish and absurd, and you're the same if you deny it's going on.

There's finally some GOP leadership that are acting like grown ups, but color me unimpressed.

Meh....I think when all of you see your tax bills, new fees, and you paychecks shrink you'll be wishing a guy like Ron Paul got in office instead.
You know, I do my own taxes: they've done nothing but go down since Obama took office (by almost 3%). Most of the middle and working class has seen a significant tax cut under Obama (mostly due to the FICA tax holiday).

Overall tax rates (as a % of GDP) are at a 60 year low.

But keep drumming the tax scare tactics. There are plenty of folks that will believe you.

Our federal government is so bloated it's disgusting.
No argument there.

And the Saint Ron I'm referring too isn't Paul it's Reagan. You know, the president who raised taxes almost twice a year during his presidency when even he realized that the huge cuts he was part of couldn't be paid for with just money stolen from SS?
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