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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
If we draft Hunt like you suggested, then you are moving around the DLine which you are claiming continuity is important. Your adding a new DT in Knighton, so you are making changes to the DLine as well.

I'm all for adding another dimension or wrinkle to the offense, I'm not for moving up for him in the draft.. Besides I have seen what Collie is capable of with Manning to know it would greatly improve the offense.

I don't think there's a day one impact three down LBer, but there are options in the draft who could develop.
Frankly I could live with just Hunt and moving Wolfe back to his natural position and just resigning the guys we have now. I'm not claiming anything about continuity I'm claiming that adding three new members to the front four via draft is down right dumb.

When did I say move up in the draft to get anyone? And Collie is done man all but done man. Also look at our WR core after Decker and Thomas. There isn't anyone. Stokley is a FA. Willis sucks and he is a FA. Holliday isn't a WR, and Caldwell is a name on the roster only.

Also I suggested SS because Cater might never recover and Adams is getting up in age.

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