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Look at both our lines, almost all of them we got via draft. Outside of Koppen everyone of them was drafted along the OL. I'm all aboard adding another guy later for better depth. Our D is number one in sacks and we are giving up just 3.6 yards per rushing attempt. That is third in the NFL. You want to blow the DL up because you don't think much of the depth we have. I don't get that at all. I'm all for adding a vet DT and a rookie DE or DT to the mix, but I want the unit kept together. What we are doing is working. Just because those other guys have more upside doesn't mean they are better.

You don't see the possibilities of what this O could be like with Austin in it like I do. A guy like him could allow us to go at a much faster paced no huddle because he can play RB as well as WR. He is a match up nightmare with the other WR's that we have now. He would only help Thomas by opening up things underneath.

We agree that we need a MLB and that isn't coming from the draft at all.
If we draft Hunt like you suggested, then you are moving around the DLine which you are claiming continuity is important. Your adding a new DT in Knighton, so you are making changes to the DLine as well.

I'm all for adding another dimension or wrinkle to the offense, I'm not for moving up for him in the draft.. Besides I have seen what Collie is capable of with Manning to know it would greatly improve the offense.

I don't think there's a day one impact three down LBer, but there are options in the draft who could develop.
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