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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Bob's your Information Minister View Post
OK, make excuses, whatever.

Albert has been playing at a high level for two years in a row now. For you to trumpet Clady as a better play is simply not true.

They are about equal at this point, with the caveat that Clady plays with a QB who is far better at avoiding pressure and getting rid of the ball.
How can they be equal?

I will give you the fact that Albert is the best OL on kFc and even say he is top 20, maybe top 15 but outside of kFc no one knows who this guy is.

Be happy your punter and 4 other scrubs got into the probowl. How a team that doesn't hold a lead through the 1st 8 games and only scratches out 2 wins gets anyone outside of a punter into a probowl is beyond me. I guess if Saturday can get in, anyone can.
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