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Good team, not elite. It wasn't that long ago early in the season when this team was truely struggling. Hell at halftime of the 24-0 SD game, I remember having the feeling that this season was a wash. I love the strides this team has made and there is no doubt they are very good. But elite teams win championships. Regular season hero's are about as important as pre-season hero's if it doesn't translate into post-season success.

The post season is where elite teams and elite players are made.

I mean look at some posters on this board for example. All the posturing about when and if and where we would eventually play NE in the playoffs...elite teams don't worry about that kind of stuff. They just go out and take care of business. With the '98 team, did you really ever feel in danger against any opponent? I didn't. That's elite. Even with the '97 team, confidence was very high, but I remember being as nervous as ever on that harrowing trip on the road through PIT and KC, and then the SB against GB, I wasn't as confident as I was against ATL the next year. There was a real possiblity to lose against GB, not so much ATL.

My point is that for everyone worrying about NE, those people shouldn't be calling this team elite.

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