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No way do we need two DT's nor do I even think about how bad that would be to have that many young guys on the front 4 playing at once plus what does Wolfe or Doom do in that line up? Also how often do rookie DT's dominate? We are much better off getting a FA DT and let Wolfe develop. A DL with Hunt, Wolfe,Terrance Knighton, and Doom is still plenty of young and good enough. I guess you just really hate Wolfe for some reason.

Doom, Hunt, Ayers, Jackson, and Hunter at DE's with Bannan, Knighton, Vickerson, Wolfe, Unrien and another player would be just fine with me at the DL positions.

There is no reason for Denver to draft 3 players on the DL period. That would be wasting picks that we can be using to get Manning weapons on O as well as rounding out our roster.
You have it all wrong bro. You know I have been asking to upgrade a veteran DT, I'm on record here asking for Knighton before you or anybody. I'm not advocating starting rookies, I'm advocating drafting two very very talented DTs to improve the depth and future at the position.

If Wolfe kicks inside I would hope a veteran FA would start next to him, Knighton or Dorsey would work well. Vickerson could even work.. Short and Williams have way more upside than Unrein, Bannan, and Silga.

But if Wolfe stays at DE, there needs to be better interior pass rush, which is why I'm advocating two who are great with pushing the pocket, can stop the run, and are versatile in different formations. If Wolfe plays inside he needs to add size, I see no problem with saying that, it doesn't mean I hate him..

I would rather see a rotation at DT of youth then drafting skill positions to help Peyton. How would rookie WRs help Peyton more than a veteran..? On offense is where we spend FA money and on any holes (MLB). The draft is where we build the team.. You build a team inside out, and our interior on both sides needs improvement.
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